Sweet Sue's Treats


Making People Happy :) 

I invented a cookie recipe years ago based on my grandma's old school approach to baking. Using natural ingredients, generous portions, and lots of care in the baking process, I ended up with a chocolate chip cookie that my friends, family and neighbors loved so much, they called me the Cookie Lady.  

More recently, I created an on-the-go breakfast treat for my family that I call banana muffin poppers. People can't seem to stop eating them. Then came a trip to Tahoe that inspired me to create a wholesome, lightly-sweetened, flavorful granola. I retired from working at the Sugar Shack candy store in Menlo Park and decided to start Sweet Sue's Treats.  

Sweet Sue's Treats aren't just another set of baked goods. You'll find they have amazing flavor, are presented and packaged in a fun way and served by me personally from an adorable vintage-style cart. I like to think I'm bringing a little sunshine to you, your corporate event or realtor open house.